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Dicas e Macetes : Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2


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Dicas e Macetes : Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Empty Dicas e Macetes : Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Mensagem por iLuc em Sab Out 15, 2011 9:26 pm

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Confira as repostas para todas as perguntas do modo Trivia

Stark Tower

01.) Captain America’s civilian name is:
Steve Rogers

02.) Which hero has never been an X-Man?

03.) Electro’s real name is:
Max Dillon

04.) Gambit’s exploding cards are:
Kinetically charged

05.) The super-villain named Grim Reaper is:
Wonder Man’s brother

06.) The Hulk was created in:
A gamma ray explosion

07.) The Hulk cannot:

08.) Johnny Storm cannot:
Breathe in space

09.) The Human Torch is a blood relative of:
Susan Storm

10.) Soldiers in the Latverian army do not use:

11.) Luke Cage gained is powers from:
An experiment

12.) Which of these villains is a former chemist?

13.) The Tinkerer’s real name is:
Phineas Mason

14.) Whose powers are NOT derived from technology?

15.) In his civilian life, Iron man is:
A rich industrialist

16.) Iron Man’s real name is:
Anthony Edward Stark

17.) Black Widow’s abilities include:
Espionage experience

18.) In the 1940s, Captain America was:
Frozen in ice

19.) By day, Daredevil is:
A lawyer

20.) Gambit’s real name is:
Remy LeBeau

21.) Iceman’s powers first manifested in:
A schoolyard fight

22.) The Invisible Woman can:
Create force fields

23.) Tony Stark is a recovering:

24.) Natasha Romanoff is the civilian name of:
Black Widow

25.) Nick Fury’s secondary strike team in Latveria:
Bravo Team

26.) Provides electrical power to Doomstadt:

27.) Cleans up after superhuman-related disasters:
Damage Control

28.) What gave Captain America his abilities?
Super Soldier serum

29.) Peter Parker’s deceased uncle was named:

30.) Spider-Man is well known for his:

31.) Wolverine’s birth name is:

32.) Wolverine’s retractable claws are made out of:

33.) Mr. Fantastic gained his abilities from:
Cosmic radiation

34.) Who first taught Storm to control her powers?
Tribal elder

35.) Storm’s parents were killed in a:
Plane crash

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